The State Attorney  in the Kakheti Region.
Irakli Shioshvili

E-mail: info@kakheti.gov.ge  
Date of birth: 02.01.1966, Telavi
Marital status: Married

1982-1987 Georgian Polytechnic Institute; Profession- engineer;
1992-1996 Tbilisi Independent University "Aghmashenebeli"; Profession – lawyer;
1997-2001 Georgian Technical University; Profession - engineer-technologist;
1990-2002 Georgian Technical University - candidate of technical sciences;
2004. Scientific Academy Degree - Doctor of Technical Sciences;
1992. U.S.A. Los Angeles Business Centre, Banking Manager;
2002. USA. Member of New York Academy of Sciences;
2007. Member of USA Chemical Association;
2009. International Business Academy of Michigan;
2009. Member of USA Military Engineer Association.

Scientific Publications:
2003 –monograph;
1990-2002 - twenty scientific papers;
1989-1990 Received two Copyrights for invention.

Working experience:
2016 November – up to now - The First State Attorney - Governor in the Kakheti Region;
2014 -2016- Ltd. "Mobitel" (Beeline); The Director of the Kakheti Regional Branch Office;
2010-2013. Georgia-Belarus intergovernmental trade - economic agency; The Project Manager
2009-2010. Ltd. "Georgian lemonade"; The General Director
2007-2009 The first digital multichannel television "Global TV“; The Director General;
2000-2005 Russian Federation, Ltd. "Russkaia usadba"; The Regional Director;
1999-2000 J.S.C. "David Sarajishvili and Eniseli", Executive Director;
1999-1999 J.S.C. "David Sarajishvili and Eniseli"; Director of Production;
1997-1999 Russian Federation, Holding Company - "SEAF-Trade"; The Regional Director;
1995-1997 Ltd. "Madli", the Director-General;
1993-1995 Innovative Fund of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - "innovation", the Main Expert;
1993-1993 The Ministry of Defence; 23th Commandant Brigade company Commander;
1993-1993 The Ministry of Defence; 23th Commandant Brigade company Platoon Commander;
1992-1992 U.S.A. Corporation "L & K"; Sales Manager;
1991-1992 Space Constructions’ Institute of Georgian Technical University; The Head of the Commerce Department;
1987-1991 Special Design Office "M-19"of Georgian Polytechnic Institute; Structural Engineer.

Military Activities:
Participant of the War for Georgia's territorial integrity. Veteran of War and Military Forces.
Military Rank - Major.


Medal for “Military courage” , Ministry of defense;

Silver Medal - Member of the Association of Military Engineers, USA.

Foreign Languages:
Russian, English.

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